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Landing Page Tips for Canadian Retailers

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Effective, user-friendly landing pages are an essential component of any online strategy. You could argue, in fact, that landing pages are among the most important pieces of a marketing campaign, providing a huge impact on lead generation, conversion, and analytics. Landing pages, after all, can ultimately make or break your marketing, working in tandem with social media, email campaigns, SERP…

An Introduction to Microformats


Have you heard about microformats? If you’re looking to improve how your sites look on search engine result pages (SERPs), you might be surprised by their impact. In fact, believe it or not, microformats are the one thing that even Google, Bing, and Yahoo all agree on; the search engine giants are all proponents of the value that microformats, or…

SEO Tips for Canadian Online Retailers


With every passing year, Canadian consumers are becoming more and more confident shopping online, and the result is that the country’s Internet retailing sector is now a multi-billion dollar industry. For Canadian merchants, it is now essential to leverage effective link building strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals. More importantly, though, they have to remember the advantage they have…

Effective Link Building Strategies


A comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy involves more than simple website house cleaning and maintenance. You also need to develop strategies for effective and continuous link building. Here is a breakdown of some of the most effective link building strategies: High-Authority Directory Submissions Submitting to major directories can provide quality backlinks and increased visibility to both search engines and…

How to Adapt to Google’s Panda & Penguin Updates

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Do you like going to the zoo? Apparently Google does, what with some of their algorithms being named “Panda” and “Penguin” – what’s next, an ostrich? Actually, Google Ostrich is in the pipeline, and with all these new algorithm updates afoot, it’s high time we talk about what these changes mean for you, the affiliate. As search engine algorithms continue…

Blending Social Media and SEO is a Must for Affiliate Marketers

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Now more than ever social media is a major factor in how we search for content. For affiliate marketers, bridging the world of social media and search engine optimization is a must for driving the right traffic. Google already unveiled “Search, plus Your World” some months ago. It’s a search experience that delivers more personalized search results based on your…

A Brief Intro to SEO (Video)

The folks over at Search Engine Land have a great video on YouTube explaining the basics of SEO. It’s not a new video, but it is still very relevant to anyone who needs to know the ABCs of SEO. This post was originally written for the Share Results Affiliate Blog