SEO Tips for Canadian Online Retailers


With every passing year, Canadian consumers are becoming more and more confident shopping online, and the result is that the country’s Internet retailing sector is now a multi-billion dollar industry. For Canadian merchants, it is now essential to leverage effective link building strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals.

More importantly, though, they have to remember the advantage they have when trying to decode their country’s user experience: they’re Canadian.

Here are some SEO tips for Canadian online retailers:

It Starts With .ca
While that seems obvious, Canadian merchants often forget that their SEO efforts will be measured by organic rankings on (and not .com). So while there are general SEO basics you should be adhering to, you should also be doing what you can to flaunt that Canadian-ness.

Set Geo Targeting in Google WebMaster Tools
Google’s Webmaster Tools is important for a number of SEO reasons, but it can be especially useful for Canadian companies, as it allows you to tell Google the location of your website. This is important if you are using a .com.

Use Canadian Keywords
What keywords are relevant and competitive for your slice of the Canadian market? Make sure your Canadian essence is represented with Canada-related keywords, which should be used in your content, title tags, headers, and alt tag image titles.

Keep in mind, however, that Google is now coming down hard on keyword stuffing, so make sure not to go overboard. To help, use keyword tools, like SEMrush, to find search volumes in Canada.

Take Advantage of Physical Addresses
It’s important to add any relevant physical address to footers or a Contact Us page, particularly for merchants with a local or regional focus.

Be Canadian
I know, this is like telling someone they just have to be themselves. But it’s true. If you want to improve your rank in Canada, don’t be afraid to discuss specific Canadian locations, celebrities, and events (including national holidays, hockey finals, etc.). Doing so will give you give your content a sense of Canadian credibility and authority, and will force you, almost unwittingly, to use relevant keywords.

Develop Canada-focused Link Building Strategy
When it comes to link building, there are no quick fixes. You just have to put in the time and effort. Do some research to identify potentially relevant Canadian websites and social media influencers. See what they’re doing and interact as much as you can. In the meantime, get busy sharing, replying/retweeting, and posting relevant content.

Tracking Your Results Through Performance Marketing Software
It’s worth noting that the Share Results affiliate software can also be leveraged in this scenario. The software gives merchants a central management interface, allowing them to align Canadian-focused campaigns with specific creative groups all while attributing results to measurable ROI. The software can then keep track of top performing Canadian publishers, assigning them to groups for communication and reporting purposes.

Not bad eh? What do you think? Any other suggestions?

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