Effective Link Building Strategies


A comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy involves more than simple website house cleaning and maintenance. You also need to develop strategies for effective and continuous link building.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most effective link building strategies:

High-Authority Directory Submissions
Submitting to major directories can provide quality backlinks and increased visibility to both search engines and potential visitors. Apart from RSS feed directories, such as Technorati and Feedage, iGaming operators can also benefit from submitting to:

  • Web and business directories (dmoz, Yahoo Directory, among others)
  • Gambling directories (Casino City, Casino Guide, and more)

Setting the Content Bait

The more value your content has, the more interest people will have in it. Engaging, original content (including infographics, videos, blogs, and free games) can act as the carrot you dangle out for linking users.

Great content can help you generate natural links, increase website traffic and visibility, and boost keyword rankings on SERPs (links often use the page’s title as anchor text).

Curating the Bait
Linking, tweeting, or blogging content from related sites can boost exposure and influence among peers. It will also help you gain authority and readership in your niche.

The more high-quality content you share the more likely your content will be shared.

Everyone Loves Contests
Prizes attract links. Holding contests with a link building component is a great way to generate natural links, exposure, and traffic. You could, for example, offer prizes to affiliates that link back to you.

Analysing the Competition
What are your competitors doing? Identifying linking strategies and copying relevant links can help supplement the rankings of competitive keywords.

Social media has become a relatively inexpensive alternative to traditional backlinking. Sharing content on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, can massively affect search results. The more mentions you have on social media, the more search engine visibility you’ll get.

Interlinking Web Properties
Interlinking all of your web properties, including blogs and microsites, can increase ranking power. Think of it as a way to present the entirety of your web presence in a unified manner.

Choose Your Friends Wisely
Acquiring permanent (301) links from relevant sites and marketing partners can pass authority and ranking power to your root domain. Just make sure that the correct anchor text is employed.

Themes Sponsorship & CSS Galleries
Sponsoring a free theme on content management systems (e.g. WordPress or Joomla) is an unconventional strategy that can have a tremendous impact. Creating an iGaming website theme/template can generate thousands of links with encrypted footer links. It can also allow you to submit sites to CSS galleries, which can help sculpt PageRank and absorb traffic.

Effective link building doesn’t happen overnight, but these strategies can get you started on the right foot.

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