Blending Social Media and SEO is a Must for Affiliate Marketers

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Now more than ever social media is a major factor in how we search for content. For affiliate marketers, bridging the world of social media and search engine optimization is a must for driving the right traffic. Google already unveiled “Search, plus Your World” some months ago. It’s a search experience that delivers more personalized search results based on your account settings and friends linked to your Google account. This demonstrates that search engines are increasingly offering results based on your individual preferences and social history.

As an affiliate it’s important to consider that each piece of content you publish (be it an image with keywords in your alt tags, a blog on your affiliate site or coupon deals) should not merely be an inbound link, but it should have social attributions as well. For some affiliate marketers, it may be a challenge to understand how to socially engage web visitors. Well, it doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little patience, it can be achieved.

Affiliates looking to increase traffic and earnings are going to have to engage their audience by adding more sharable social media tools to the content they produce, if they have not done so already. This includes your newsletters, blog content and any other SEO-friendly items that result in attracting new potential customers. Our recommendation is to add buttons to anything you publish so that your content can be shared, such as Facebook and Twitter buttons. Recently, LinkedIn revealed its own sharing button, which is a great tool if you want to target more B2B audiences. Alternatively, you can make this even simpler by installing a social media plugin that encompasses all the aforementioned tools and many others.

Now for the engaging part: Before you share via Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, you need to ensure that any SEO-friendly content you publish grabs your visitors’ attention. Content is king and it should definitely be unique, but it should engage. To enhance your content, you can make it informative, inspirational, resourceful, entertaining, and even controversial. If you really want to know what interests your visitors, use a tool like Google Analytics on your site to measure the best performing landing pages. If you find that some pages are generating more interest then others, evaluate the type of content you have written and produce more successful content just like it.

Search engines have gravitated towards a non-static ranking method. Affiliate marketers will benefit if they adapt to these changes. Just as Google is continuing to personalize our web search experience, as an affiliate, you should also be working to refine the experience your potential customers have on your site by engaging them, and assisting them in helping to share your content too.

What are your thoughts on bridging social media and SEO on your affiliate site? Leave us your comments below.

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