About Me

A wise man once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” This should be the mantra of any honest Internet marketer, and it has been mine for nearly a decade. I have always been passionate about the web, about websites, design, and search engines. I am constantly fascinated and curious about how information is shared and presented, and how the digital world continues to evolve.

This passion fuels everything that I do, and when I’m not working to fuse different cuisines (my amalgamation of Italian and Chinese food – Chitalian – will soon take over the world), I am busy creating websites and experimenting with themes, keywords, and social media. Over the last ten years, I have provided freelance web consulting services (web design, SEM, SEO, PPC, advertising, and analytics) to a variety of businesses, from small enterprises to large public companies. In the process, I have worked across a wide variety of industries, leveraging the very latest platforms, tools, and best practices. It’s just what I like to do.

It all started in 2001, when I relocated to Montreal to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, with a minor in Marketing, at the John Molson School of Business. At the same time, I also earned a certificate in Management from McGill University. During my studies, I created a number of personal blogs and websites that have gained a large and ever-growing following on social media. These sites continue to rank among the top results on search engines for relevant keywords. My educational background led to an IT analyst position at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where I supported over 1200 business and web applications. I eventually moved into the senior IT analyst position, developing training materials and videos for GSK employees using screen capture and audio recording software.

While I was comfortable in the IT world, my heart was and has always been in digital marketing. I decided to shift my professional focus, and took on the job of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist and Webmaster at Income Access and Share Results. In this role, I have spearheaded the development of an entire SEM department, working directly with designers, copywriters, and clients to develop top-level strategies that drive traffic and boost ROI.

As a staunch believer in natural optimization, I am not in the business of spamming the web. I remain as passionate about the digital world as ever, and I love nothing more than working with quality products, service providers, and people. I invite you to be passionately curious with me.

Brands I Worked With:

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